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Our New Family Member

Hello Everyone,

We would like you to meet Kanga, our new family member.  For the past few months, Sam has been looking for a pet that he can keep with him at his apartment in Arizona.  Due to the heat and the small area we both decided that a cat would be a good fit.  She is an 11 week old Bengal cat.  We bought her from a woman in Surprise, Arizona and have been told that both of her parents are Bengals.  She is pretty rambunctious and left me (Kristen) with around 3 hours of sleep last night.  Her main life focus is play, PLAY, play!  Her middle name will be Lexi, as that is what her original owner’s son had named her.


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We are returning!

Hi friends and family. For those of you who knew about this page, we’ve been down for a few months. I’ve finally managed to get us back online, but it will take a while to get our stuff back up again. Thanks for being patient!

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