Our Family

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Hello there friend and welcome to the family.  Our family consists of Apollo – the dog, Kanga -the cat, Sam – the scientist, and Kristen – the photographer, jeweler, and eventual psychology therapist.

Each member of our family loves photography and we each contribute and learn from one another.  Sam loves to photograph the landscapes and the birds.  Kristen loves to photograph the weddings, the people, and the little things.  And Apollo… he loves to eat the camera bags, the accessories, and be the subject.  In other words, Apollo loves to be the center of attention.

Sam finished his B.S. in Wildlife Management and Conservation and is now working on his thesis to obtain a Masters of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology.  He is currently working as a biologist in the greater Sacramento area for a company called Area West Environmental, Inc.

Kristen finished her B.A. in Psychology and is photographing weddings, as a second shooter, and running a small jewelry business through Etsy.

Apollo is recovering from a mean coyote nibble.  He is doing well and has been showing his recovery by trying to learn more about photography by eating the corners of our old photo albums.  He really enjoys the taste of vintage paper and likens it to fine wine.

Kanga is a curious and energetic cat.  She has an adorable attitude and is always ready for a new adventure.  She is about 1.5 years old (as of 12-01-2015).