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Fremont Weir Wildlife Area

Yesterday, Sam and I went to the Fremont Weir Wildlife Area for a mid-morning walk.  The rural drive was quite peaceful and we had the pleasure of seeing many quail run across the road before us.  The dog-friendly wildlife area is roughly 1,500 acres of brush, oaks, willows and cottonwoods.  Hunting season for turkeys and pheasants had just started, so we chose to walk on the crown (top) of the levee in order to be visible to the hunters and their gun dogs, since we were not wearing any high visibility orange clothing.  Of course, the best part was petting dogs. 

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Sam and I ~ 2008-2015

Happy 7th Year Anniversary Sam! ~ I love you ~ Kristen


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Our New Family Member

Hello Everyone,

We would like you to meet Kanga, our new family member.  For the past few months, Sam has been looking for a pet that he can keep with him at his apartment in Arizona.  Due to the heat and the small area we both decided that a cat would be a good fit.  She is an 11 week old Bengal cat.  We bought her from a woman in Surprise, Arizona and have been told that both of her parents are Bengals.  She is pretty rambunctious and left me (Kristen) with around 3 hours of sleep last night.  Her main life focus is play, PLAY, play!  Her middle name will be Lexi, as that is what her original owner’s son had named her.


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