New Zealand 2011-2012

A story will come eventually, but it might be a while. I put up some photos from our New Zealand trip from a couple years ago. We had it up before our blog broke down, and we just haven’t put it back up again yet. Sorry for the image quality, but I don’t like putting up the best, in case they are downloaded.

SCP_1218SCP_1206SCP_1211SCP_1341SCP_1258SCP_2526SCP_1357SCP_1356Riley's BeachSCP_1412Worker ShedSCP_1500SCP_1940SCP_1929SCP_2018SCP_1759Mirror Lake 2NZ_RiverMatheson Lake Reflection 1SCP_2042SCP_2128SCP_2192SCP_2198SCP_2238SCP_2393SCP_2427SCP_2447SCP_2488SCP_2506SCP_2528SCP_2560SCP_2739SCP_2744SCP_2788SCP_2838SCP_2849SCP_2852SCP_2861SCP_2910SCP_3031SCP_3066SCP_3073SCP_3084SCP_3095SCP_3145SCP_3206